README File for JAWS Scripts for DAD

Author: Peter Torpey

Version:  1.1

Date:  December 2009



These scripts were developed to facilitate using the JAWS screen-reader from Freedom Scientific with the DAD (Digital Audio Distribution) program from Enco. A list of useful JAWS hotkeys for working with the program can be brought up by hitting JAWSKey+H from within DAD. These keystrokes and their functions are also described below.

Questions about the scripts can be addressed to the developer by sending an e-mail message to:


In order to be fully functional, the scripts must be registered with a valid user name and registration code.  This process only needs to be performed once when the scripts are initially installed.  Otherwise the scripts will operate in a timed demo mode after which time the default JAWS scripts will be loaded and the DAD scripts will not be functional.  A series of dialogs for entering the registration data will automatically be presented when the program is run for the first time.

The registration process can be re-activated or the scripts re-registered by hitting JAWSKey+WindowsKey+G before the demo expires.


The following hotkeys can be used from within DAD:

From anywhere within DAD:

From within the Mini Array or any other Array dialog:

·         Assign, delete, or modify the button that has focus, JAWSKey+WindowsKey+C

From within the Playback Machine:

From within the Library:

Other useful keystrokes:

For questions about the scripts contact the developer by sending an e-mail message to: