The Peter Torpey Trio

Piano, guitar and bass playing jazz standards

Upcoming Performances

Oct. 28, 2016      Cloverwood, Pittsford, NY

Nov. 15, 2016     St. John’s Meadows, Brighton, NY

Dec. 9, 2016       Cloverwood, Pittsford, NY

Dec. 16, 2016     Hill Haven, Webster, NY




Recent Performances

Aug. 26, 2016     Cloverwood, Pittsford, NY

Jun. 10, 2016     Cloverwood, Pittsford, NY

Apr. 25, 2016      St. John’s Meadows, Brighton, NY

Apr. 4, 2016        Brickstone, Brighton, NY

Feb. 12, 2016     Cloverwood, Pittsford, NY

Jan. 5, 2016       St. John’s Meadows, Brighton, NY



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Contact Us

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We particularly enjoy playing at private parties, cafés and
senior homes, either as background music or in a recital format.


Band Members

Trio Music

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St. Johns Meadows   Jan. 2016

Cloverwood                    Feb. 2016

Brickstone      Apr. 2016

St. Johns Meadows   Apr. 2016

Cloverwood                    Jun. 2016

Cloverwood                    Aug. 2016